Saturday, August 30, 2014

Not Quite Square

The inspiration for this small (17" square) came from an article in Quilting Arts mag a couple of years ago. Finally doing it was so rewarding! Makes me want to start another. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Phone Man

This morning I found myself with time on my hands, waiting to collect my brother-in-law from a medical appointment in another town, so I took myself to Peet's Coffee for refreshment. A pleasant-looking fellow was seated at a table for two, and I asked if I might join him. He welcomed me enthusiastically, telling me (phone in hand) that he was just working on his blog. As I sat down and took my notebook and pen from my bag, I urged him to continue; I was looking forward to writing my usual morning outpouring.

Well, instead of writing (me) or continuing with a blog update (him), for the next hour or so we chatted. We covered lots of ground, and it is because of his encouragement that I am finally getting back to this blog.

I had intended to include a photo of my latest Art Quilt project, but I am having technical challenges, so that will have to wait. Not long, I hope. My intention now is to post more diligently. To engage your senses, however, I am including a photo that I took last January, near Crescent City CA.