Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My apologies to anyone who actually reads/follows this blog. I keep not posting anything, because I want to include artwork, and I haven't scanned anything new in ages. Until today, that is. The highlighted artwork is from the Beyond Traditional Watercolor class that I've been taking. I blocked out the white swashes with homemade masking fluid (Mold Builder, diluted with water, applied with a rough "brush" made from the end of a rope). The color is all poured on watercolor; first I applied the warm yellows and red, then when that was DRY, added the blues, and more red, to make purple-y violets. I think I am finished with it. I'm working on two or three other pieces using similar techniques, but they were too large to scan. I'll get my camera out in the next few days and have a photo session, see if anything looks worth posting.