Saturday, April 23, 2011

23 April 2011
Have you wondered where I've been? Is anyone still reading my feeble little blog? I love to write, and when I started this venture I thought I would contribute much more than I have done. Life sometimes gets in the way.

Since my last post there have been some challenging changes in my life that have gotten in the way of my "being here". But I'm back. And still doing watercolors and trying to keep an illustrated journal (but I use more words than pictures still). But I have been concentrating more on art quilts. SMALL art quilts. The quilt in the picture accompanying this post is about 9" by 12", and is a sort of reverse applique. I put 5 layers of fabric together, stitched the design, then started cutting through the layers to reveal what was beneath--some hand-dyed (by ME) fabric, some commercial fabric. And then I framed it with dupioni silk. I love it. Hope you like it, too. I plan to do more of this, maybe even some a little bigger. Please feel free to leave a comment.