Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Ticking Clock

Since November I have been involved in a wonderful project--a theatrical piece created by a local author and teacher at Mendocino College. Jody Gehrman got a grant and interviewed (with help) over 100 women about their biological clocks and choices in child-bearing (or not), and she created a play, a series of vignettes, monologues using the interviews as source material.

Not only was I interviewed for the project, but I auditioned and got a part--I played Edna, a 66-year-old mother-in-law who thinks her artsy daughter-in-law should provide her with a grandchild. Not MY story, but I was able to get into the role, with the very supportive help of our director, Rose Bell. The cast included veteran actresses and complete novices; it was a thrill for me to meet so many wonderful women.

Our performances (only 2, sorry to say) were last weekend, and were very successful. It is hoped that the play will be picked up by other theater groups. So if you see this piece being offered in your community, don't pass it up.

And now my feet are almost back on the ground. Back to the sewing room, and classes at the college. I'm enrolled in Photoshop, Life Drawing, and Feldenkrais (awareness through movement). That should keep me busy, don't you think?