Thursday, February 23, 2017

Well, I haven't given up yet

I started to update this blog last summer. It is what it is.

Months go by. So much happens. Here's the latest (sort of). In April 2016, PG&E came and replaced some gas lines on my street, and then in early June sent a contractor to fix the hole that had been left in the street (appropriately covered, I hasten to add). A gorgeous CAT backhoe showed up out front, and I ran out to take photos to share with my 4-year-old grandson and his sister. I liked the photo, so posted it on Instagram and facebook, and one of my online "friends" commented that I should be drawing it. I replied that at 100 degrees Farenheit outside I wasn't interested, but might try something from a photo. She immediately suggested we BOTH do a sketch from the photo. I liked that idea, but it took me a while to get around to doing it. (Expert procrastinator here.)

Speaking of procrastination--it is now February 2017, and I am finally getting around to making this blog update. I had to figure out how to add the .jpg to the blog. Not difficult when I finally did it...

The original I actually had framed (it fits in an 8.5x11 frame with a small mat) and gave to the grandson for Christmas! It's sketchy. I thought I would do a "better" one, but it is what it is. So there.

Friday, October 23, 2015

I keep telling myself I will get the sketchbook out, but I don't do it. Until this morning. Danny Gregory posted a Friday challenge: Draw a piece of toast. I did!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Saturday I went to a musical event, Local Women's Music Festival, at a nearby vineyard's redwood grove. As I listened to the music, I played with my watercolors, and this is the result. A few of us in the Everyday Matters online group have been discussing the differences between "real" watercolor vs. watercolor with added ink lines. To me it is a toss up. Sometimes I draw the piece in ink first, then add watercolor. That's fun. But sometimes, as here, I just jump in with the watercolor. I am not unhappy with the results here, but I often wonder "Would ink improve this? A little more definition in the trees and leaves?" But if I add the ink then don't like the result, what then?

So I tweaked the photo (I tried both photo and scanning, and think the photo worked better in this case) a little, and then printed two copies. My plan is to play with the copies, adding ink. I hope to post the results of that experiment soon, but now, I must go usher at the local symphony. Life is so hard here....

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wow! cloud

It has been a challenge for me to get around to posting anything because of my desire to include visual content. The time to sketch or stitch anything post-worthy has escaped me (I am the Empress of Procrastination--don't argue! I hold the title.) But the other day I took a walk, and although we weren't going to get any more rain, the air was still "unstable" which produced dramatic clouds.
You do see what I mean? And I have not been totally noncreative lately. I have been dipping my pen into the "poetry pool", producing collections of words that might become poems. I just have to keep working on them a bit longer. The last "poem" only took 34 years? The newer ones will happen faster. I have fewer seriously emotional distractions. Please keep coming back. Leave a comment if you will.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Acoustic Café

Last night the group Dgiin played fabulous music (kinda Gypsy swing) and we danced and danced. I took time for a quick sketch as the light was fading. It was a wonderful evening. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I am limping back into blogging. It doesn't seem right to me to post something without a photo for inspiration, and I didn't have this photo on my computer yet (even though I finished the quilt in July). I made it for my newest grandchild, before knowing her identity. I tend to like "gender-neutral" in any case. Most of the baby quilts I make are in the 32x45" range, and this is no exception. I like the longest side to be close to 45", the usual width of cotton quilting fabrics. The fabric on the back was the inspiration for the color choices on the front, and as you can see, I inserted a strip of patchwork on the back--partly for interest, partly (mainly?) to make it long enough. I am really happy with it, and I think it suits Rylan Claudia Hanley.

Next post I'll include a watercolor. Do come back often! Leave comments.

Friday, September 5, 2014

I am in the throes of converting to a newer iPhone; not everything seems to be working the way I think it should (maybe I should just change my idea of how it ought to be?). But the Sunday of the Labor Day weekend I spent several hours on the banks of the Spring Lake (Santa Rosa) swim lagoon, chatting with friends. I got out my watercolor supplies, and for old times' sake, painted a couple of post cards of two trees that I have painted over and over for more than 20 years. Still satisfying.

And now I can't seem to get my scanner to work, so the iPhone took these photos. At least that worked.