Sunday, October 12, 2014

Saturday I went to a musical event, Local Women's Music Festival, at a nearby vineyard's redwood grove. As I listened to the music, I played with my watercolors, and this is the result. A few of us in the Everyday Matters online group have been discussing the differences between "real" watercolor vs. watercolor with added ink lines. To me it is a toss up. Sometimes I draw the piece in ink first, then add watercolor. That's fun. But sometimes, as here, I just jump in with the watercolor. I am not unhappy with the results here, but I often wonder "Would ink improve this? A little more definition in the trees and leaves?" But if I add the ink then don't like the result, what then?

So I tweaked the photo (I tried both photo and scanning, and think the photo worked better in this case) a little, and then printed two copies. My plan is to play with the copies, adding ink. I hope to post the results of that experiment soon, but now, I must go usher at the local symphony. Life is so hard here....

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