Thursday, September 18, 2014

I am limping back into blogging. It doesn't seem right to me to post something without a photo for inspiration, and I didn't have this photo on my computer yet (even though I finished the quilt in July). I made it for my newest grandchild, before knowing her identity. I tend to like "gender-neutral" in any case. Most of the baby quilts I make are in the 32x45" range, and this is no exception. I like the longest side to be close to 45", the usual width of cotton quilting fabrics. The fabric on the back was the inspiration for the color choices on the front, and as you can see, I inserted a strip of patchwork on the back--partly for interest, partly (mainly?) to make it long enough. I am really happy with it, and I think it suits Rylan Claudia Hanley.

Next post I'll include a watercolor. Do come back often! Leave comments.

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