Monday, September 1, 2014

Last week my cousin's daughter posted a photo on facebook of an old oak tree in Spring Lake Park in Santa Rosa. Several years ago, I took a similar photo, and using that image, combined with a couple of others, as inspiration, designed and made an art quilt I call Spring Lake Evening. It is about 24" x 34", not large, but I like it a lot. It was a challenge, and fun to do, to figure out how to represent the different textures. I think it must be time to start on another such project. But which photo???

Coincidentally, I spent several hours yesterday at Spring Lake Park, visiting with friends I hadn't seen for years. For about 15 years, we all camped there together for a week or so each summer. It was great fun to reconnect.


  1. Now this is stunning!! Love the composition, your color choices, and the textures. A true work of art! Wow! You show your experience and art skills in this medium.

    1. This was a truly satisfying project; it started with a couple of photos I combined, then in a workshop/class, I painted the sky and water fabric, then cut it up and sewed it back together (quilters are nuts, you know) and stitched the heck out of it. I will continue on this path, but also head toward abstraction in the Art Quilt medium.